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Monday, May 2, 2011

Writing, Writing, DSA, and "Split"

April 2011 will forever live in my memory as the month of writing ridiculous amounts of text for other people. Six industrial scripts on food safety for the British company, Human Focus; over 2000 celebrity bios for celebritynetworth.com; spec program scripts for two companies - one of which hired me as head writer for their ESL project in South America (Whoo-hoo!); and, of course I continue to plug away on "I-High" and "Burn the Piper".

When I wasn't writing, I was working on Dance South America (DSA). DSA is a joint venture between myself and Balaio Estudio de Danzas Brasilenas, an incredible dance school in Buenos Aires that is devoted to dance forms of Brazil, run by master teacher Claudio de Oliveira from Curitiba. We hope to bring dancers from abroad to Balaio for intensive one or two week programs on Brazilian dance. In the future we hope to expand the program to include an additional week at Claudio's school in Curitiba as well. Look for the launch of the website in mid-May.

"Split" has its own page in the Internet Movie Database now (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1880335/), as we hold our breath regarding festival acceptance. Huge thank you to the management of the band whose track we used. (I'm not allowed to name drop as part of our agreement.) So, all I can say is "Thank you."

Next up - performances and more performances. Now that I'm back in the dance studio everyday, I am remembering what conservatory was like. Wow. I spent years being this sore. How did I do that? LOL. I am waiting for the moment when I am used to it again. Waiting... waiting...

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