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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Late December - January 1

First post! I'm currently in South America studying and working.  Lots of projects up in the air right now.  Cross your fingers that one of them turns into a way to pay the rent!

- "I-High" - An ESL television series for teens written with my brother, fellow educator Carl Wilson.  For more information about the script, or for an investor packet, please email me.

- "SPLIT" - A short dance film I wrote, directed, and choreographed while working in South Korea.  The project received an equipment grant from Ohzemidong and the Seoul Film Commission.  It was shot by Korean filmmaker, Ji-Sun O, and Canadian filmmaker, Jay Sturley.  Starring Carlita Ector and Park, Cheol Young.  It is currently being edited by Mike Alston-Nero in New York.

- "Sonny and Michelle Aren't There" - A 30 minute meta-theatrical short about alienation starring Lauren Currie Lewis and Jason Blaine.  I directed the film in 2008, but we were unable to finish it until I returned to the US briefly in the fall.  It is currently being scored and color-corrected.  Written by Brian Trzeciak.

- ESL Theater - I spent the last two years using theater/musical theater to teach ESL in South Korea.  I recently presented a workshop at the Northern New England TESOL Conference in the US about ways to use theater in the ESL classroom.  For more information about ESL Theater in general and my work in particular, or inquiries about scheduling workshops with me, please visit www.paulawilson.info/esltheater.html.

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